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In which makeup is stupid. (Blog)

I like to dress up. When things fit.
I like costume makeup but not the day to day stuff other girls I know put on. Makes me feel like a chubby porceline doll with bad paint.
I want to dress up for the Eisley concert I am taking my husband to. I want to be pretty in a way I don’t get to be in the day to day with a toddler. When all my clothes have been worn twice and smell or don’t fit right and my washing machine is busted and I can’t drive or walk to get another thing to wear, it is stupid. It is, of course, depression and anger talking. I know what is a contruct of society with makeup and what is my personal preference. I know my husband loves me and isn’t expecting anything extravagent. I know that in a dark concert hall it doesn’t matter what I wear. But dammit if I’m not freaked out to tears about the whole thing anyway.
Also, I cut my hair to spike it up and pompador it and I will be damned if my haircut is not allowing my hair to do that. Which is more kindling to the rage-tears pile. Let’s not get started on how this is making being a mom that much harder.

Tl; dr I look f-ing stupid in glitter and I don’t have a thing to wear and INSECURITY.


Animal Facts of the Day [via]

Previously: Animated Animal Facts

So I started watch Star-Crossed. I like it. Even with the drama and the fast pacing that is making it feel a bit more ridiculous, I really really like how most of the characters are becoming very well fleshed out. I appreciate how in this scene, we see secondary character Teri (an alien) lose her temper after a girl poisons another alien girl. I like how she removes her insane jewelry before head bashing the poisoner. Because anyone smart going into a fight knows you take off your huge earrings. Seriously.
The show is basically Romeo and Juliet/Shakespeare with aliens, with strong social commentary about race (they draw a lot of parallels to Jim Crow laws) and actually, it works. I hope it sticks and slows the pace down, because it makes it hard to like the main characters (Roman and Emery) when their storyline feels rushed and like some things “should just be obvious” (like their romance. Clandestine romance is not the strongest of character development)







I understand that the air force has been through budget cuts but damn

i know, they can’t even afford the new Firebolts

Are those Cleansweep Sevens???
God, so embarrassing.

Should I rewatch Star Wars in order of release or in story order?





I’m about to blow your mind.


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why did I not think of this?
That’s genius.

100% gospel truths

I can get behind this. Especially since I don’t think my husband has seen all the movies.




All round quality film making.

best movie ever

Saw this over the weekend. I particularly love how we never see her again, ever.

Not to mention, my favorite segment ‘Beyond Belief’!! I’m thinking of practicing Sadie’s voice and getting Zeke to cosplay them with me. Because it would be hilarious. We’d boo and heckle and cheer and fake drink the entire time. It’d be -swell-.


ok but

custom underwear


Esther Quek; Queen of Menswear


I’ve always been a fan of a good suit on a lady. Post Bianca, no one seems to master a suit better than Esther Quek. Fashion director of The Rake, Revolution and La Femme (via her Twitter bio). Esther has been a street shutterbug favorite for some time. Her quirky yet stylish suit combinations and feminine accessories has made her one of my favorite style stars.

The girls want to be her, the boys want to be her.










Umph. I want her hair. Also, If I could pull off suits like that, I would. Someday, maybe. But until then. The hair.